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Fundamental Business Financial Concepts
Marketing - The Basics
Marketing - Beyond the Basics
Marketing - Joint Ventures
(a Must Read!)

Entrepreneurial Resources - Starting or Growing a Business, Business Plans, and more...

Fundamental Business Financial Concepts

Understanding business can really be quite simple.  All businesses do what they do to make a profit. 

Profit is not evil; the quest for profit is what makes people strive to create new and better things, processes and results.

Partial Budget Analysis

Gross Margin Analysis

Liquidity Analysis

Capitalizing Income Streams Into Asset Value

Lifetime Value of Customers

The Dupont Financial Analysis System  And Why It Is Important

Marketing - The Basics

Why People Buy Your Product or Service

Achieving a Marketing Advantage Through Your Unique Selling Proposition

How to Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

Developing Your Verbal Logo, by Gary Lockwood

Developing A Unique Selling Position or USP, by Terry Dean

Target or Niche Marketing - What is the Specific Target Audience You Will Sell To?

Identify Your Target Market - an excellent tutorial available from the Small Business Administration

Marketing - Beyond the Basics (but not very much beyond)

A Strategic Marketing Plan is a Must!

Think In Terms Of Solutions To Customers' Problems

Market  Research - Your Guide to Intelligent Decision Making

Price - Sell On Benefits, Not On Price

Don't Be The Best.  Be The First!, by Michel Fortin

Selecting Your Product Correctly Is Critical To Your Success

How To Increase Your Contacts To Orders Ratio: Get Testimonials!

Guarantees That Reassure the Customer and Skyrocket Sales

The Unexpected "Thank You" Will Bring You Surprising Results

13 More Marketing Tips To Supercharge Your Business

Marketing - Joint Ventures

Joint Venture Marketing - Putting Your Hidden Assets to Use

What is a Joint Venture?  Why Does It work?

How Can Joint Ventures Be Set Up?

Applying Joint Ventures to Internet Marketing

Other Uses of Endorsements

Joint Venturing Your Way  to Wealth; How to Start With Nothing and Make a Literal Fortune With Little or No Risk..By Michael Enlow  


Sell Along The Benefit Path

The Four Step Sales Process

Breaking Through the Sales Barriers - PDQ

Before Telling Them Why They Should Buy ... Find Out Why They Shouldn't, by Chris Ayers

Closing the Sale

How to Close Sales in the 2,000's and Beyond, by Michael Fortin



The AIDA Formula - Time Tested, Buyer Approved

Make Your Messages Understood, Believed and Acted Upon

How To Get Your Readers to Act By Writing Engaging Headlines For Your Ads, Sales Letters and Web Site Copy

11 Types of Effective Headlines

Getting Started Writing Your Headlines

Model Sales Letters

"Cut-Throat, Killer" Advertising, by Sales Promoters Paradise


The Deming Management Method, by Mary Walton

Dialogue: A Proposal (Bohm, et al)

All Hat and No Cattle: Why the traditional hiring process leaves prize employees out on the range, by Barbara Bailey (PDF file)

If the Job Could Talk, by Bill Bonnstetter (PDF file)

Groundbreaking Research: What's Inside of Top Sales Performers in the United States and Europe, by Bill Bonnstetter (PDF file)

“I Quit But I Forgot to Tell You”: The Disengaged Worker, by Terry Kabachnick (PDF file)