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Coaching Fee Schedule

I coach high performing individuals, many for whom the coaching fee is paid by their employer. Executive coaching engagementsmay cost upward of $10,000 per person over a set period of time and include a few face-to-face meetings followed by email and telephone discussions. Fees are set on a case by case basis, after a thorough review of what the organization wants to accomplish, etc.

In addition, I offer executive, small business, entrepreneur or personal coaching at somewhat lower cost to those who do not have access to employer-paid programs but who wish to achieve certain professional or personal goals.

I work on a retainer basis, which means I am available to you the entire month. We will have some regularly scheduled sessions, usually either weekly or 3 times each month, depending on what works best for you. But, I’m also available for short intermediate calls on a spot basis in between these sessions, and also by e-mail messages. See "Extras" below I have several levels that we can work from, to best meet your coaching needs within your personal budget limitations.

Individual Coaching:

a)      Free half-hour introductory session, during which we will jointly assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the relationship, identify priorities for action, and establish specific desired outcomes. A tentative frequency, times and dates, and length of subsequent coaching sessions is agreed upon.

To book a free session, click here. Together we can discuss what level of coaching best fits your specific situation.

b)     Weekly 30-minute telephone session
c)     Three 45-minute sessions per month
d)     Three 30-minute coaching calls per month -(most typical)
e)      Bi-weekly 30-minute coaching calls per month
f)       “Ten Pack” - Ten 30-minute sessions – usually over a 3 month period on a schedule that works best for you, paid in advance.
g)      30-minute session twice per month (“Steady Maintenance” available after 3-6 months of coaching)

See "Extras" below

How my coaching works.

I require no binding commitment, however, and you may choose to terminate our coaching relationship at any time, with or without reason. After all, I work for you. In fact, I offer a 100% guarantee or your money back during the first 30 days of our relationship – no questions asked.

Special Situations:

h)      Individual “Quick Boost” 30 – 45 minute sessions, as needed. Sometimes you are faced with a situation that seems to demand more than you can handle by yourself – a crisis at work or at home, an emergency to which you need to respond quickly, a challenge around which you could use some perspective.

That’s when you can call on me for what I call a “Quick Boost” coaching session or two. We’ll work together quickly but effectively, so that you are prepared and empowered to deal with whatever you are facing.

i)        “Bookends Service” – two 30-minute sessions. If there is a call you are hesitating to make or meeting you are reluctant to hold, but you really need to do it regardless, I also offer a “Bookend Service” in which you and I talk for an empowering 30 minutes before your call/meeting and then again for 30 minutes after to debrief.

Group Coaching/Presentations/Activities:

j)       Group coaching – priced on a case by case basis, but lower per client per session than individual coaching, with somewhat less individual attention

k)      Facilitating your group's agenda, training program or adventure activity (e.g., hiking, kayaking, canoeing, biking – great group activities!)

l)       Speaking engagements - Let’s discuss the details and your specific needs!

m)    Assessments – call to discuss your specific needs to obtain a quote.

All multi-session individual coaching plans of a month or longer include:

  • DISC behavioral assessment to help you understand your natural communication and operating style and how you impact others
  • PIAV or Workplace Motivators to help you understand why you do what you do: why you become involved in certain activities, and avoid others.
  • Access to lots of programs, checklists, assessments, recommendations and other resources in the “Client Section” of to help you become more self-aware, speed up your progress and keep you on track.
  • Access to the password protected “Members’ Section” of our companion websites: and with loads of Personal and Leadership Development material.
  • Unlimited e-mail support.
  • Impromptu "check-in", “success” or emergency calls. (within reason, as we don’t want you to become dependent on a coach)
  • Teleclasses I offer at half price

Ready to speak with me to hear more about how I can help you get started creating the results you want? Click here to schedule a free collaborative interview, or give me a call at 734-944-0794.

Is Coaching Worth the Cost?

Everyone wants to get value for their investments. Investments in coaching is no different. There have been numerous attempts to quantify the Return on Investment (ROI) of coaching. Several report very favorable results. Nonetheless, it is very difficult to prove that it was the coaching element of an effort that created the result, when all coaching may claim is to support the efforts of the client in achieving his or her goals. Thus, the common sense approach may be best in answering the question of whether coaching would be worth it for you. I suggest that you ask yourself these questions:

1.      How important to me is it that I achieve this result I am seeking?

2.      What is the benefit to me if I succeed?

3.      What is the cost (or negative results) if I do not succeed?

4.      What has been your track record of independently (i.e., without coaching) achieving your past goals in an efficient and timely manner?

5.      Would coaching support make it sufficiently more likely for you to achieve your goals and objectives (and obtain the benefits of success and avoid the cost of failure) to justify the cost of coaching?

When I look back on my life in which I have achieved a modicum of success, I just think how much easier and faster it would have been if I had had the support of a coach. I think of the many times I wished I had a coach/mentor with whom I could have shared my thoughts with, and who could have helped me clarify the action steps to success.

The research results which show that it takes coaching and/or collaboration to jump from 5% implementation of learning to 90% clinch the question for me. Chart. I have read countless self-help books and attended so many personal development seminars/conferences/workshops that were great and helped me, and yet very little of it actually became internalized into my everyday life. In short, I believe in coaching enough that I employ a mentor coach in my coaching practice. How much do you wish to succeed?

Remember – the price is what you pay, the value is in what you get! Isn’t it amazing how you always can find the money for what you really want or need? Coaching is no different. People are cautious about spending their money, and they should be. It might be useful to link the fee for 3 months to a specific goal. If you reach this goal, you will be happy with your decision. Fees are paid in advance, so this may be a good milestone at which you and your coach can evaluate what’s next – are you ready to be on your own? Or will continued coaching be of value?

If the cost is just too high for you, let’s talk. Sometimes there are ways to get what you need if we are imaginative, such as workshops, telecourses, partner or group sessions, or occasionally even barter  (who knows what you might have to offer that I might be interested in! For example, access to your network may be worth a gold mine to me!)