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The Unexpected "Thank You" Will Bring You Surprising Results

How would you react if you received a personal "thank you" from a company or person a few days after you spent money with them? You'd feel good and probably want to do more business with them sooner rather than later. Why not give that same feeling to the most important people you know -- your customers.

Benefits of the unexpected "Thank You"

Here are some benefits you gain when you send a personal "thank you" to a customer or client who just gave you business...

  • You reduce or lower any buyer's remorse your customer or client feels after their purchase.  ("Buyer's remorse" is what we feel after making an impulsive decision until we can justify our decision with logical reasons.) Along with the joy of owning the product your customer purchased comes the responsibility of paying for it. Do you recall the feeling of "buyer's remorse" that you felt after you had made a major purchase? 

    A letter thanking your customer sent soon after the purchase congratulating the customer for making such a wise decision and listing all the benefits they will enjoy a result of their wise decision will help dispel their buyer's remorse.

    Most buying decisions are made on impulse. Only after buying do we look for logical reasons to justify our decision. You can help your customers with this by including all the benefits they'll gain from your product or service in an unexpected "thank you" message. These benefits are what initially compelled them to buy. Repeating these benefits reassures them of the wisdom of their decision. It can even reduce or eliminate cancellations or refunds.
  • You develop a closer relationship with your customer.
  • You gain free word-of-mouth advertising when your customer tells everybody about your unexpected "thank you" letter and how good they feel about doing business with you.
  • You have an opportunity to resell more (or other) products or services. You can even promote this by including a special price or discount offer in your "thank you" letter.
  • You enhance your image as a consumer-oriented business.

Your unexpected "thank you" doesn't have to be lengthy. You don't have to write it individually for each customer or client. You can use the same text for everybody with just a few minor changes -- like inserting the customer's name. You don't even have to take the time to type envelopes and mail letters. You can send your "thank you" by fax or e-mail. Just be sure to personalize it as much as possible.


If you've ordered books on the internet from, you received a good example of an unexpected "thank you" letter by e-mail. Their "thank you" e-mail message even includes the titles of other books you can order on the same subject.