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Think In Terms Of Solutions To Customers' Problems

We all need to stop thinking of ourselves as producers of products or suppliers of services or in the distribution business.  We need to think of ourselves as problem solvers for our customers.  In other words, we need to abandon our product approach to marketing and look at it in terms of satisfying customers' needs. Why People Buy Your Product or Service

For greatest success, we also need to expand our thinking beyond a single product or service to entire range of products, services, or relationships that will solve common problems faced by out target audience.  Pick a "theme" under which that array fits.  Focus On Complete Turn-Key Solutions

For example for existing businesses with an existing product mix moving online, the product orientation may be transformed into a theme as follows:

Look the larger picture of what you are selling... ask yourself, "What do my customers really want to accomplish by buying my product?"... "What is the fever, passion, or suffering behind their buying decision?". That will be the theme for your online store!

  • If, so far, you have been selling European crystal, your online store theme will be "European Home Accessories Online".
  • If, so far, you thought you were in the business of selling golf clubs, your online store theme will be, "Golf Gear Online".
  • If, so far, you have been selling chronic pain medicine, your theme will naturally be "Pain Relief Online".
  • If you are just starting (over), consider any of these, the most popular themes in the world: Health. Nutrition. Religion. Relationships. Sports. Cars. Wealth. Investing. Self-Help. Family. Kids. Pets. Hobbies. Etc. Etc.

You want to position your site such that whenever a customer, anywhere in the world, thinks of ______ they shall think of my online theme center (at first! You want to be thought of as the:

  • advocate for the theme
  • expert on the theme
  • best information source on the theme. You must have the expertise you claim (it will shine through if you don't).

The entire way you present your business to the outside world must reinforce your connection to the theme... until the day that the theme and you (or your company) become completely one in your customer's mind.

Start thinking now about how to turn from a "20th century widget seller" (or "service provider" or "distributor")... into a 21st century "Internet-based electronic problem solver".  For example, if you already have a web site:

  • Throw out institutional messages: "For 45 years, XYZ Co. has been manufacturing the finest golf clubs in Northern Ohio..."
  • Put in theme identifiers: "Is your life revolving around golf? So is ours..."
  • Throw out self-serving logos and pictures of your facilities!
  • Let the theme shine through in your artwork, in your pictures, in your photos. Your prospects crave the theme; they love the theme; the theme is why they are visiting your Web site in the first place! Never forget this!