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Guarantees That Reassure the Customer and Skyrocket Sales

Guarantees will increase sales. And the stronger the guarantee, the larger the increase. But unbeknownst to many marketers, one of the most important benefits of using a guarantee is the fact that it can actually reduce returns. According to some successful marketers, a strong guarantee results in fewer returns. For instance, one marketer got fewer returns with a 90 day guarantee than he did with a 30 day guarantee.

Others got fewer returns when they offered to let clients keep some bonus items if the product was returned.

The parallel obviously dictates. While people order from the Web do so because of the convenience it offers, a site that offers a no-hassle return policy (or risk-free promise) adds to the convenience factor and instills a greater confidence in the buyer's psyche.

If you offer a product or service, find ways to offer a guarantee along with it. Rather than taking a risk by removing it from your potential clients' decisions, you will likely be decreasing it.

A great example from Lands' End

Take a look at the Lands' End web site.  At the bottom of te home page, there's a link that reads, "Your Privacy & Security Guaranteed."

Click it and see what's there. In 2000, here's what they said:

"What we do to make shopping at Lands' End risk-free:

"When it comes to guarantees, we think that words are like water… they dilute. So we've always tried to boil our guarantees down to a handful of words. With no conditions, and no fine print. Here, specifically, is how we stand behind our merchandise and our web site.

  1. Everything we sell is 'Guaranteed. Period.'
  2. You have no credit card risk. Period.
  3. We'll never misuse the information you provide us.

"If we've done our job, then more detail should be unnecessary. But it's below for anyone who wants it."


Another guarantee that is important to reassure your customers is your guarantee of your protecting their privacy.