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A Strategic Marketing Plan is a Must!

You will need a marketing plan and then consistently and persistently implement that plan to be successful.  But note:

Promotion is not marketing.  

Marketing includes promotion, but marketing is far more than just promoting.  In business school marketing classes one learns that marketing involves the four P's:  product, price, promotion and place.  One might add a fifth, position, or that may be included within the "product" category.  

Here, you will learn about each of the elements of the marketing mix (other than "place", which also includes distribution methods). 

Thinking through the entire marketing mix is something that should be done long before the product or service is launched.

Let's get started with an overview......

Market  Research - Your Guide to Intelligent Decision Making  Begin with a solid knowledge base to optimize your business strategies.

Achieving a Marketing Advantage Through Your Unique Selling Proposition  You must be unique in a way that makes a difference to your customers.  Here's how to define your USP.

Target or Niche Marketing - What is the Specific Target Audience You Will Sell To? You must be very clear as to whom you are trying to sell to.  Here's help in targeting your audience.

Selecting Your Product Correctly Is Critical To Your Success - The Many Considerations  Your product "position" is critical to standing out from the crowd.  Here's what sells over the Internet and how to mesh that with your strengths to capitalize on the opportunities of the World Wide Web.

Price - Sell On Benefits, Not On Price  The businesses that satisfy the customer's needs best wins.  Here's help on keeping your eye on the ball.

13 More Marketing Tips To Supercharge Your Business  Even more hints.

Joint Venture Marketing - Putting Your Hidden Assets to Use  Perhaps one of the most valuable concepts you will find in this site.  Implement these and your profits will soar.

Check Your Marketing Intelligence Quotient  A quick checklist to see if you thinking is in tune with some of the world's marketing experts.