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Applying Joint Ventures to Internet Marketing

Joint Ventures have an even greater chance of being successful on the internet than offline.  That is because to make a profit, the benefits must exceed the costs.  Duh! This section could be labeled Business 101.  :)))

Using direct mail offline can run into big dollars fast.  But on the internet, email is free.  There are no printing costs, stuffing envelopes and postage costs.  The benefit can be much smaller and still generate a net profit!  All without worrying about being flamed for spamming.

If You Are a Product Owner:  There are thousands of web sites out there which have already built relationships with their customers.  They have Opt-In Email Lists, discussion boards, or regular visitors to their sites.  They have the targeted consumers you need and are looking for in your business.  If you will LEVERAGE their customer asset and share the profits of your product with them, you can build your online business.

If You Are a List Owner:  If you find the right product offer and send it out to the 10,000 subscribers of your newsletter along with the right Joint Venture elements, you can instantly earn new found wealth for your business.  This can occur while helping your subscribers and without having to spend a minute on developing a new product.

If You Don't Have A Product Or a List: Even if you are just starting out, with neither a product or a list, you can take advantage of Joint Venture Marketing Principles.   You can become a deal maker who finds the product owners and list owners and sets up the opportunity.  If you were working on a profit split, you could easily earn 10% - 30% of the profits on the deal!

There are an infinite number of ways to find these deals and set them up.  Here are three techniques that may get your creative juices flowing:

1.  Look for deals with Ezine publishers.  Many of them have 10,000 or more subscribers and send out emails to their lists every single week (some daily). Over 3,000 of them, organized by industry and market, can be found at in the ezine lists listed in ________. You can promote your newsletter or products through endorsements in these other people's newsletters.

2.  Do a search on the search engines. Finding dozens of potential partners in any business can easily be done using the online tools we have available to us.

Once you find your potential partners, send a letter to the decision making person in the company.  Tell them that you have a way to leverage the assets in their business for immediate profits.  There is no cost to them whatsoever.  Then, call them.  Introduce yourself and start interviewing them.  Ask about their company, their sales, their business, etc. Do your homework about them before you call.  You will appear more professional and not waste their valuable time.

Share the information you have learned here with them and get the deal going for maximum profits for both of you. 

Joint Ventures With Your Competitors Also Work

Now for the shocker:  Doing a joint venture deal with your competitor may make you both more money!  "Huh?" you say.  Remember how the response rate goes up with an endorsement as compared with the seller's own statements?  Well, with cross endorsements, both parties enjoy a higher response rate and both win.

Geez. What will the marketers think of next.  The key is an abundance mentality.  This is not an environment of scarcity.  There are lots of customers to go around.  We just must be creative in finding ways to increase the prospects' confidence in each other.

Of course, you would only want to endorse or be endorsed by another party whose image and integrity would not spoil yours.  But there are a lot of potential joint venturers out there that are great. Go get 'em!