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Joint Venture Marketing -
Putting Your Hidden Assets to Use

Mike Enlow says that joint venture marketing is, "the fastest, easiest way on earth to make a fortune...and if I had to choose from one single way to make money, this is it." 

Here we will share the concept with you first in theory, in the "real" world offline, then show how the concepts can be applied to internet marketing.  

If you don't learn another thing from this site, learn this, and it will be well worth your while.

What is a Joint Venture?  Why Does It work?

How Can Joint Ventures Be Set Up?

Applying Joint Ventures to Internet Marketing

Other Offline Uses of Endorsements

Joint Venturing Your Way  to Wealth; How to Start With Nothing and Make a Literal Fortune With Little or No Risk... By Michael Enlow   (You will find further explanations, a sample letter to customers, a sample letter to a prospective host, and a sample Marketing Consulting & Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement. There are also numerous examples of matches of hosts to beneficiaries to get you creative juices flowing to conceive the matches that will fit your situation.  Hey, the wheel is round.  You might as well use it!)

More on Joint Venturing:

Jay Abraham (perhaps the best on Joint Ventures)

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