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What is a Joint Venture?  Why Does It work?

Joint Ventures are also known in marketing jargon as "Host/ Beneficiary Relationships." The "Host" Company agrees to let the "Beneficiary Company deliver a sales message to the Host Company's customers.  The "host" introduces the Beneficiary's complementary and appropriate products or services to the hosts customers -- preferably with the host's express endorsement.

The Host/Beneficiary Relationship Method is based on the proven fact, "People prefer to buy from someone they know and trust."  The most precious asset you have in your business is the relationship you have built with your customers.  It is an asset that isn't measured in dollar signs, but that doesn't make it worth one penny less.  If you learn how to leverage your business, this asset is worth pure gold.

If you are the Beneficiary in a joint venture marketing arrangement, it will bring you more customers and more cash right away.  The beneficiary solves the age old problem of sales of how to gain access to new customers or clients with a warm introduction.  You get the express permission and warm cooperation of the business that acquired those customers in the first place!  If you are the Host in the process, you benefit because your customers, clients or patients will respect you for helping them learn of a new value in the marketplace.  It is a win - win situation.