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Get Engaged – At Work and In Life!

I help high-performing business owners, executives and professionals to achieve the results
that they really want in their personal and business lives more quickly and easily.

Through my coaching, they develop their potential, enhance their effectiveness and performance and achieve their goals. My goal is enable my clients to lead happier personal lives and more rewarding business and professional lives.

How do I do that? Through a series of conversations, I:

  • help my clients clarify what they really want
  • help them focus on what’s most important in their lives
  • challenge them to set SMART goals, build on their signature strengths and develop an action plan broken down into easy, doable steps.
  • support them into getting those steps done, step by step to achieving their ultimate goal.
  • celebrate their achievements with them!

Do you wish to:

  • Get more done with less stress or difficulty?
  • Be more successful? More effective in getting the results you want?
  • Take advantage of some new, unique opportunity and position yourself as the leader of the pack?
  • Complete some special, innovative project you have been stuck on and establish yourself as the one to count on when something important needs to be done?
  • Clarify what is most important to your long-term success, or what “success” really means to you?
  • Better balance work and personal life?
  • Achieve some important, major, long-run goal or objective?
  • Create an innovative solution to some problem?
  • Have support as you navigate through some major life transition, such as job loss, promotion, transfer, divorce or death of a loved one?
  • Achieve more of your potential (“Be all that you can be”)?
  • Have support to accomplish some project you are working on or that you are having difficulty getting done?
  • Have more of something (time, money, friends, fitness, health, etc.) or less of something (stress, debt, etc.) but feel stuck?
  • Have someone who listens to you fully, and with whom you could share your innermost hopes and dreams, your fears, doubts and struggles, and who would help you clarify the path towards having what you most want in life?
  • Be supported by someone focused on your success?
  • Leave a legacy of contribution?
  • Take your professional and personal life to the next level?
  • Develop and sustain strong relationships with others to produce results?
  • Develop mastery as a leader, manager, and coach?
  • Improve teamwork and organizational effectiveness?
  • Enhance your job satisfaction, effectiveness, and life balance?
  • Improve your health and well-being and deal more effectively with career and life stress?
  • Enhance your use of time in the achievement of professional and personal goals?
  • Sharpen your short- and long-range plans for your professional and personal life and develop a support structure to achieve them?
  • Develop the skills of you or your staff? E.g., delegation, listening, planning, or communication.
  • Attract and retain quality customers and talented staff?
  • Make effective, values-based career and life decisions?

If any of the above is true, your wishes may come true working with a skillful coach. You may be like many of my clients - high functioning, results oriented individuals who want more in some life dimension. Coaching clients are typically:

Executives Organization leaders
Managers Optimistic individuals with track record of success
Professionals Business professionals
Business leaders Professional service providers, such as a coach, consultant, attorney, accountant, insurance agent, or financial advisor
Business owners